A note from the original registrant, written January 8, 2016:

I created these two domains on Sept. 13, 2006 as an initial step to pursue a plan to make and market novelty glassware involving affixing stems to various styles of mason jars. I have an aquaintence who is an artist that works in glass, and we were going to partner up on it.

We never pursued the plan.

In 2011 someone else pursued a similar idea, under a similar name, with great success. You snooze you lose.

I have decided to auction these domains separately in the near future, but will entertain offers to purchase both together prior to that.

I am contacting a few companies I believe would benefit from using these domains, or preventing others from using them.

I am not looking to hit a home run, but neither am I willing to be “hit by pitch”. Serious offers only.

Contact information: